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call centres in India is shown high graph of socioeconomic and cultural developments. United States outsourcers now outsource financial services, engineering services, creative services, data entry services and much more. In outsourcing, the external organization would take on the management of the outsourced function. Available from: p?vref1 Accessed Reference Copied to Clipboard.

Document study was also used to help the researcher. 2.9 swot analysis OF indian business process outsourcing (BPO) industry:.9.1 Strengths: Skilled, English language benefit workforce. 2.3.3 Focus on core competencies: The growing competition among big giants of business world dictates that a successful company must have to maintain competitive edge to win the race.

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India has the largest pool of workforce of low-cost technically sound, English speaking and expert in engineering. Through outsourcing saved time spend in developing strategies, generate revenue, advertising marketing campaign and focus on customer satisfaction. Click and Duening (2005) has recommended that business undertake the steps below in the BPO decision making process:. Indian BPO industry has many reasons to attract European countries for investing here. In other words the revolutionary and innovative telecommunication infrastructure is an essential part of this process that gives the life to business process outsourcing. Because of new IBM Daksh more job opportunities are bringing in a new generation as already this BPO is serving 25,000 employees in India.

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business process outsourcing dissertation