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lead!) anacademy. (Thanks to Daquan Mickens for this lead!) Global History Curriculum from New Visions for Public Schools, ditto! History teachersof every grade should see them as a tremendous tool for teaching both content and critical thinking skills. The Upstate History Alliance gives overview information on DBQs and links to other useful sites. Indeed, DBQ essays require many of the skills involved in writing a research paper: close reading and analysis, inference, summarizing, and synthesizing ideas. . Here are some additional helpful research-oriented Websites, which in turn contain links to other useful sites (Many thanks to Mitch Brenner for these leads! S., CA) (Found at: m one of the ironies of World War I was that in a war 'to make the world safe for democracy the government attacked the civil liberties that make democracy possible. But in this case, the teacher provides the research and the driving question. .

NY Regents DBQs for 8th grade Social Studies.  (Found at: m here are a few more resources to check out : *This blog by Jack Milgram lists 75 useful Websites: smithsonian Learning Lab : "Discover more than a million resources, create personal collections and educational experiences, and share your work.".

Check out Writing 101 for more on fundamentals of writing instruction, Comprehension 101 for more on how we comprehend, and Research Paper Guide if you want to move in that direction. PBS Learning Media provides "access to 100k standards-aligned digital resources, productivity tools that can help you integrate content into your instruction, and professional development opportunities that will strengthen your teaching skills." C-span includes a plethora of resources-esp. Fordham University's Internet Modern History Sourcebook contains thousands of sources. Edu/ - constantly updated, lots of lesson ideas, news clips, sound bites, original docs, a complete curriculum of US History. For world history teachers (Thanks again to Michael Mackenna!). Students must then build an argument using the documents as evidence. .

(Thanks to Bob Donnelly for this link and the one that follows!) http www. This Regents Prep Website provides a model for how to respond to DBQ questions. Check out Argument. (Thanks to George Mankbadi for this link!). DBQs Main Page, an AP History Website that offers more than 70 student- and teacher-created DBQs, along with general Websites for DBQ research: World War II was more important than the Great Depression in fundamentally transforming American society.