cause and effect of smoking cigarettes essay

lives of student The production and sale of cigarettes should be legally prohibited. Teens see their friends smoke and they think it makes them look cool or independent plus them. Risks for cancers of the mouth, throat, esophagus, and bladder drop by half within 5 years. There are numerous harmful as well as dangerous effects related with smoking. List of Topics for Persuasive Writing Following is a list of topics for persuasive essay writing. The risk for lung cancer drops by half after 10 years. Other effects of smokeless tobacco use include stained teeth and filings, chronic bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease, tooth abrasion tooth loss, and loss of bone in the jaw. In the latter stages, patients often can only breathe using an oxygen mask.

One of the most common problems today that are killing people, all over the world, is smoking. The chances of having a stroke reduces to half of that of a non-smoker in 2 years, and the same as a non-smoker in 5 years. Milk or sweets Sesame Street is a great watch Why is war bad? Cigarettes contain tobacco which, in turn, possesses nicotine and different other toxic chemicals. Also, chemicals in tobacco smoke increase the chance of heart problems and cardiovascular diseases. It produces effects not only on mother but also newly-born baby along with increased chances of abortion. Women who smoke when pregnant increase a number of risks for the baby, including: premature birth miscarriage stillbirth low birth weight sudden infant death syndrome infant illnesses Smoking can cause impotence in men because it damages blood vessels in the penis. There is no cure, and it cannot be reversed.

They could also have problems with high blood pressure and are exposed to the increased risk for heart disease. The complications resulting from placental abruption are more common pustakalaya essay in hindi in smokers. Cigarettes should be more expensive. The benefits of quitting Quitting smoking reduces health risks. These causes have grave effects on entire human body and increase chances of death. As mentioned above, smoking cigarette includes carbon monoxide. It is pertinent to mention that smoking causes vascular diseases that in turns affect flow of blood through the placenta. Smoking is considered as a slow way of death. When someone smokes a cigarette they are not only hurting themselves, but others around them. Anorexia is because of obsessiveness with weight loss. People, who chew or dip, receive about the similar quantity of nicotine as regular smokers.

Cause and effect of smoking cigarettes essay
cause and effect of smoking cigarettes essay

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