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established to gain support from the peasantry and fulfill their initial promises, as assimilation 1998 essays asian well as an alternative agenda of increasing control. Lenin tried to sieve power for the bolsheviks using anything he had. This included the declaration of initial reforms,.e.

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Bolshevik consolidation of power in the period from 1917 to 1921 (edited) Introduction: The. This included the declaration of initial reforms, the signing of the treaty of Brest-Litovsk, fighting the Civil War, starting the ideologies of War Communism, and introducing the New Economic Policy (NEP). Many socialists who had backed Lenin's revolution at first now had second thoughts. The economy of Russia was shattered, there was a food shortage, fuel shortage and money had absolutely no value. Lenins main policies consisted of; war communism this was seen as repressive, the treaty of Brest Litovsk ending Russias involvement in WW1. Decrees aiming to increase support included the redistribution of land owned by the Tsar, church and nobility to the peasants, improved wages and working conditions, including an 8 hour working day and illness, injury and unemployment insurance, increased rights for women, and the initiation. Anyone opposed to the communist state was arrested. Because of this the Bolsheviks tried to agitate the army by saying they could overthrow the provisional government. It divided Russia up into factions each fighting for survival or for their own agenda. The year 1917 was the start of Russia's struggle for power as the revolution sparked major social, political and economic changes and difficulties.

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