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beach to relax. Cada dia fue como cielo, porque las olas y el viento y areana nos calmo. For example, if you went to the beach with your boyfriend in April, write: "Mi novio y yo fuimos al playa en Abril. Describe to readers, at your level of Spanish, a small event that occurred to you recently. (My boyfriend and I went to the beach in April. Mi fecha de nacimiento es el 16 de Julio. The Spanish language is full of idiomatic expressions, such we do in English; for instance, we have expressions like "It's raining cats and dogs." Include at least one or two Spanish phrases, such as: "El hijo de la gato, ratones mata (The son. It seems my students are really getting into the rhythm of what writing looks like in our class. Let me know how you encourage your young writers. That way I could use this for future essay of the principle of population classes and they surely felt really important that their writing was published on giant paper, not just a regular 8 1/2.

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Editing checklist, rubric for personal essays, to encourage my writers and to try something different, I had several students publish on chart paper. Honestly, sometimes I feel that I am not getting where I want, but this time I am just really enjoying both the quantity and quality of their writing. Skip to a new paragraph to talk about the sports, arts, music and/or subjects you like in and out of school. Conclude your essay using future tense verbs. Many have started polishing their pieces by editing for clarity, word choice and usage, complete sentences, capital letters, punctuation and spelling. My fourth graders are working on their borradores (drafts and continue to revise their work. I really took the time to make sure the body of their essays was well structured before moving onto conclusions. Every day was like heaven, because the waves and the wind and sand calmed. The photo below shows you the different ones they could usebut NOT limited.

Composing an essay describing yourself in a native language is fairly straightforward, but writing in a foreign language is challenging. I want to play professional soccer when I am older.