essay writing about my country nigeria

reality. I dream of a Nigeria where the rule of law will prevail and where there will be observance of human rights. I dream of Nigeria where public service is not a means of primitive accumulation and of a society where public officials will not loot the national treasury and our commonwealth. I dream of a country with true statesmen/women. Inspite of the various cataclysmic events and acts our nation and its citizens have gone through, it has endured and stood tall and solid like an iroko. Our uniqueness stems from our hardworking spirit which makes me upbeat about my nation. While controversy rages over the befitting holder of this title, what remains an undeniable fact is that our presence has been felt in every African state from the tip of Kilimanjaro to the sand dunes of Sahara. Nigerians have an uncanning resilience that is rare among other nationalities.

Nigeria is a developing West African country that has experienced periods.
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Nigeria my dear nation means the following.

Been the choice entertainment in many countries like our neighbours, Cameroun.
The ability to do, write, say anything freely and overtly without fear of harassment.
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To say it simply, Nigeria is a truly unique country.

I dream of a country that renovates and builds airports for today and tomorrow. I dream of a functional rail system and motorable roads, with the resultant decline in road accidents. Our nation has come a long way since those events, a feat which makes me more and more proud of my nation. I dream of a country where public servants will be servants and not lords over citizens. He also writes for a state daily newspaper national monthly journal.

What Nigeria Means To Me 1st Prize Winning Essay, 2013 NOA

essay writing about my country nigeria