funny school papers

answer any test questions you are handed no matter how little you know about the correct answer. 3.5 by 7,169 huffers.5 by 4,949 huffers.3 by 3,982 huffers.2 by 3,956 huffers.4 by 3,928 huffers.3 by 3,438 huffers.8 by 3,411 huffers.4 by 3,300 huffers.2 by 3,292 huffers.0 by 3,140 huffers.1 by 3,039 huffers.3. While they earned no marks for their responses, they certainly earned respect.

34 hilarious kids test answers that are wrong and totally brilliant at the same time.
Some are just hilarious fails.
The internet can t get enough of these kids answers.

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This clever response was given on a science test - with the teacher's comment matching the pupil's in wit. Some of the most hilarious answers given by pupils on test papers have been shared online. Another pupil's answer appeared to be rather random, considering the polygon looked vastly different to a hot dog. Show Full Text, image credits: Douglass, source: imgur, source: Source: m, source: imgur, source: m, source: m, source: m, source: Source: economicshelp. No matter where the world is going (downhill) with all this, these are the funniest kids' test answers that are sure to make you smile.

funny school papers

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