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same hand, but in the 6 or so years since mine was made, Granville has made slight changes to the design: 11 Comments June 30, 2011 Elizabeth Lovick Flotta Granville Swanney nifa Omega dyes Orkney spinning wheel Having been out. Jeans wheel is in the background.

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Recently he had completed beautiful display cabinets for Flottas new Heritage Centre, and had refurbished an old Orkney wheel for the same centre which will be used for demonstrations. Granville had two main designs. Purchasers had to supply their own flywheel from a treadle sewing machine. Didnt she get the colours dead right? How much was it likely to be? . Madigan and his wheels Marion wheels were made Ivan McGreevy of Torbay, Auckland, starting in 1981. "Leola Masterton 1986" is inscribed on a plate on the end of the table of this little wheel, which was one of about 20 made by Leo Phelps of Masterton.

It has a paper label stuck on near the top of the wheel which reads "fleur folding spinning wheel Designed and made by Ivan McGreevy" and gives his Torbay address and telephone number. I was told Granville, and I knew straight away I wanted one of his wheels! They have some metal parts, including their whorls. Like all Mr McGreevy's wheels, they are (or were originally) clearly labelled.