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contracts is - or should now be deemed - a dead letter. The Trump administration has the dubious distinction of moving all of these questions from the realms of the hypothetical to the actual. The functionality argument, immunity advocates also argue that, regardless of the lack of textual basis, there is a practical reason the president should have immunity. The pending challenge for federal regulators, therefore, will be to craft a rule that contains the Recovery Act's international impact, while implementing Congress' intent. More broadly, there was a growing international trend in favor of unified defense-civilian procurement, bolstered by a recent European directive on defense procurement. (April 2008) Please read: Political Connections and the Allocation of Procurement Contracts. Does the current high-sensitivity/low-tolerance Government contracting environment represent a radical paradigm-shift, a pendulum-swing back to the pre-Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act days of milspec and oversight or is it "the same old song and dance" repackaged for a new audience? This article considers some of the issues associated with time-and-materials pricing and analyzes the governments payment terms for these contracts. . As federal agencies move forward with the reverse auction, it is time to ask whether the reverse auction is consistent with current federal contracting policy. .

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One of the thesis about microbial fuel cellpdf most graphic factors influencing that support is the number of military soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice on the nations behalf. This article provides three examples dealing with former employee issues and includes court decisions that comment on these issues. . This article dispels myths in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) applicability and clause selection in the contracting profession. The discussions provide a thorough analysis of concerns about the policy, a recent high-profile case involving a major contractor, the propriety of awarding new government work to excluded firms, the procedural importance of a contractor's response to the allegations of misconduct, the evidence supporting. This debate has long entertained constitutional law professors, alongside other parlor-game questions like presidential emoluments, self-pardons and presidential obstruction. Is it to much congressional oversight? .

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