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Clipboard. He exercised Peace keeping skills in the face of danger, he send tribute in the form of cattle and ostrich feathers to the Zulu king Shaka, his heirs Dingaane, Mpande and in 1828 essay on growing pains send cattle to Amangwane leader matiwane. Was Moshoeshoes Leadership Style Different? From ButhaButhe to Thaba Bosiu, He made a decision that he wanted to move his people to a safer place, a decision which was contested by many people among which was his father Mokhachane, but one which later proved to be the best decision ever. Cooper (1989 further state that by 1818 Shaka had managed to defeat his main rivals to supremacy in the northern Nguni area.

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Moshoeshoe allowed the people to criticise him and advise him. During the afternoon of the ninth day, Becker ( 1969) explains that the Bamokoteli caught sight of the rocky pinnacle of the Qiloane Hill. It was at ButhaButhe that he started protecting his followers; he protected them against the fights that broke in the early 1820s. Justin Lekhanya, who subsequently suspended Moshoeshoes executive powers. 3.1 Absolution and Peace Making, moshoeshoe ruled with absolution and kindness.