benefits of computer education essay

camera to take pictures and videos when they have special events. Related: Top 11 Most important Computer Skills to learn for career development. People in developed countries are taking initiative in almost everything. We can also use some applications in the system like GPS, dictionary, entertainments, and others. Way viability of materials allows teachers to use them for effective educating. It actually has so many benefits; we can mention here the use to search for information and data for academic purposes. Computer has disadvantages, but advantages are not less. Computers help students to draw the creativity on the computer such as by using windows paint program. Although TV is not a new invention, people try to find many new ways to use it as a communication tool. Thats the thing that other states of India or education authority should learn.

For example, the learner of English Language -or any other language- can find a collection of programs, movies, series, documentary and educated programs and channels that they can use to learn the language they want. We are not grouped because of selfish reasons that are why the level of new inventions is very low. Among the devices, which are widely used in the present time, is computer.

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To focus more on language learning, TV can help in many ways. I think because they are providing high-quality technological tools, IT infrastructure in schools and colleges. "Essay Of Benefits Of Technology In Education English Language Essay.". The use of technologies such as the Internet as a teaching tool in schools is not the issue now since it is pervasively used. Modern education has to combine with modern technology to come up with best results. Print, reference this, published: Mon, using the new technology in education has become a center point of many researches and studies. I know most of the schools are trying to do this. But not all parents are able to admit their students in costly schools. Will they become dependent on technology to learn? However, when it comes to using the computer not as a medium of communication (with other people) but as something to interact with verbally in a direct manner, the current computer technologys limitations are at their clearest.