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in degradation and that the absent of Islamization had suffered mischievously. The say is "Corruption". An NDI assessment mission consisting of Canadas former prime minister Joe Clark, former Indonesian House of Representatives member Nursanita Nasution, Chatham House senior fellow Xenia Dormandy and NDI Asia programmes director Peter Manikas released its findings at a press briefing in Islamabad after its observation. Everyone should be accountable and some radical steps should be taken by the government paying people to do assignments to lessen the poverty. In Kohat, a bombing at Noor Akbar Khans offices killed six and critically wounded others.

Elections in Pakistan are held to elect the representatives of provincial Assemblies, National Assembly and the Senate. Pakistan is an Islamic state, but unfortunately, Islamic democratic system is not established in this Islamic state which gradually becomes a curse on people of Pakistan. Due to this problem, Pakistan is moving back from other developed countries of the world. Elections in Pakistan have their own dynamics.

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election in pakistan essay in english

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In the suburbs of Peshawar, a bomb at Nasir Khan Afridis office killed three people.42 The next day, at least eight people, including the son of Afghani cleric Qazi Amin Waqad, were killed and 45 others were wounded in a suicide attack in Peshawar. More than 130 people have been killed in bombings and shootings over the campaign, prompting some to call this one of the deadliest votes in the countrys history.50 Several bombs were reportedly defused before voting began on Saturday morning, according to Al Jazeera. If we can remove english essay app the corruption from its roots, then it is necessary to cut down its causes first. US Secretary of State John Kerry skipped a planned visit to Pakistan to avoid accusations of meddling in the May 11 elections. Now it becomes our responsibility to be united, serve and save Pakistan. So, people having low salaries use illegal ways to achieve their goal than corruption is seen may be due to lack of regulation and accountability for instance. Jinnahs address lasted for 100 minutes, and with every pause in his speech, Minto Park was pounded by the thunderous applause of the millions and millions of Muslims who had gathered to hear their leader plan out the future course of political action.

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