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nunca de haber comida. English equivalent: Something that has happened once can happen again. Translation: Where there is no the barometer story critical essay temptation there is no glory. Nada hay nuevo debajo del sol.

Source: Strauss, Emmanuel (1994). "Children observe daily and in their behaviour often follow the example of their parents." Paczolay, Gyula (1997). English equivalent: One nail drives out another. Meaning: "Take advantage of an opportunity when it presents itself, even if you do not want or need it at the time, because it may no longer be available when you." Compare to English "Strike while the iron's hot." Source for meaning of English. English equivalent: No one gets rich quickly if he is honest. English equivalent: He that will not when he may, when he will he may have nay. Classified Subjectively and Arranged Alphabetically, compiled by Robert Christy, the 20,500 selections in this classic reference work comprise an encyclopedic scope of English proverbs as well as translations from every major language.

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Mas vale tarde que nunca. English equivalent: You don't get nothing for nothing; The only free cheese is in the mouse trap. Meaning: "More is expected of those who have received more - that is, those who had good fortune, are naturally gifted, or have been shown special favour." Source for meaning and proverbs: Martin. Translation: The devil knows more because he's old, than because he is devil. Meaning: Cut your losses. You, the visitors, need not pay any fee to make use of these essays. It can be achieved gradually, by small steps, a little at a time." Source for proverbs and meaning: Paczolay, Gyula (1997). Con el tiempo todo se consigue.

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