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as the basis for the definition of the GT based centrality measures. This may be an interesting tool for the operations researcher in SNA. Following Haspeslagh and Jemison (1991) we contend, however, that acquisitions can bring into a company capabilities it finds hard to develop internally and provide the opportunity to leverage the existing ones; under this regard, they contribute to gain or renew sustainable competitive advantages. (1991) advocated so in the. We adopt a process approach to M A and suggest that acquisition performance is the outcomes of all sub-processes in which can ideally be split the whole acquisition process, each of which is alone necessary, although not sufficient, to grant overall acquisition success. A notably interesting development would be to develop techniques that were able to account for non-network features; thus, understanding the fungibility between network and non-network sources of power. By using induced centralities, any analyst is able to design a centrality measure tailored to the specific problem being solved.

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The model proposed by Kleinberg Ligett (2013) could be adapted so that edges represent utility from belonging to the same coalition or, alternatively, so that adversarial edges produce a utility different from. 2013) has proposed a bi-criteria perspective on centrality measures. When such definition is provided, it is common for these costs and benefits (as 5 paragraph essay endings well as the social network structure) to be very difficult to collect. The case study allowed concluding that, as indicated by Gmez. The relation between group betweenness and co-betweenness (Kolaczyk. While the SV considers non-network features, not all proposed measures are able to do so (Smith. Integration features are discussed in details, with a particular emphasis on acquisition performance metrics. Despite the huge number of empirical researches carried out so far, the evaluation of M As performance for the acquiring firm is still an open issue. In fact, the main conclusion of this project is that a GT approach to SNA with MOO methodology is, possibly, a solution to some of the previously stated limitations, due to the OR framework (Alderson 2008).

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