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"Techniques for Relief from Allergic Rhinitis Ear, Nose, and Throat Journal, Vol. . 1983 to July 1984). Pdf, Standler, Legal Liability for Electricity in the USA: Products Liability, 42 pp., m/utility.

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Canike, Mitigation of Mains Disturbances, Air Force Weapons Laboratory Technical Report afwl-TR-86-80, 192 pp., 1986. Standler, "Campus Unrest Congressional Record,. . Wrote essay on pro torturing numerical model to predict relationship of electric field, conductivity of air, and corona current as a function of altitude and time. According to Science Citation Index, this paper was cited 62 times between 1980 and March 1992. Research Assistant to Prof. Smith and Standler, "The Effects of Surges on Electronic Appliances ieee Transactions on Power Delivery, Vol. .

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