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or similar to the Devil, partly for what Scotland has become under his reign. Because of the constant struggle for power in the play, the nation is always at risk of disorder. The more physical use of blood in this scene is quite effective because it really emphasises the extent of the evil of Macbeths doings. In Macbeths reaction to Banquos ghost, he says I am in blood stepped so far This implies that he has killed so many people, that killing more would not make any difference. Like this there are many examples of bloody imagery. However, one must be trusted before they can betray someones trust. It is possible, from the first part, that they have the opinion that good is bad and bad is good, so are essentially evil.

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Guilt, being guilty of a crime is not just a civil or criminal offense it is offense against the person who committed the crime as well. Especially as in reality she would never do such cruel things to a baby, the fact she has made Macbeth do them shows exactly how devious and cunning she is and makes her seem entirely evil at that point. They appear to be making some form of potion, into which some of the ingredients that go are considered quite distasteful, to audiences of today and of the eighteenth century. The ghost has obviously frightened Macbeth to such an extent; he claims through this hyperbole that even the devil would be sickened by the ghost, which really emphasises how disturbed he is by what he sees. Some of the more grotesque examples include Finger of birth-strangled babe which has very strong connotations, as images of helpless beings strangled cruelly at birth appear in ones mind. P from moved contents OF table 319 Plates his and Smith Joseph 20 Smith Joseph of Views 19 Parents Prophet's The 16 Public the to Letter 10 Testimonials. Macbeth, unlike his cool, calm and calculated wife, often considered the impact such evil actions would have on his conscience and future. In the affliction of these terrible dreams, that shakes us nightly This shows that Macbeth is beginning to suffer quite a lot in the guilt of these murders.

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