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they undergo affect their spirits, adolescents may become emotionally labile ) laborious demanding much work or care; tedious (Eg: In putting together his dictionary of the English language, Doctor Johnson undertook a laborious task. ) osseus made of bone; bony (Eg: The hollow "soft spot" found at the top of the infant's skull gradually closes as new osseus tissue fills in the ) ossify change or harden into bone (Eg: When he called his opponent a "bonehead he implied. ) timorous fearful; demonstrating fear (Eg: His timorous manner betrayed the fear he felt at the moment. ) blurt utter impulsively (Eg: Before she could stop him, he blurted out the news. ) desecrate profane; violate the sanctity of (Eg: The soldiers desecrated the temple. ) flamboyant ornate (Eg: Modern architecture has discarded the flamboyant trimming on buildings and emphasizes simplicity of line. ) connotation suggested or implied meaning of an expression (Eg: Foreigners frequently are unaware of the connotations of the words they use.

) obeisance bow (Eg: She made an obeisance as the king and queen entered the room. ) cede transfer; yield title to (Eg: I intend to cede this property to the city. ) anchor secure or fasten firmly; be fixed in place (Eg: We set the post in concrete to anchor it in place. ) incorrigible uncorrectable (Eg: Though Widow Douglass hoped to reform Huck, Miss Watson pronounced him incorrigible and said he ) incredulity a tendency to disbelief (Eg: Your incredulity in the face of all the evidence is hard to understand.

The overall theme and main thesis of the book. ) pathetic causing sadness, compassion, pity; touching (Eg: Everyone in the auditorium was weeping by the time he finished his essays on guns in america pathetic tale about the orphaned boy. ) expository explanatory; serving to explain (Eg: The mannual that came with my VCR was no masterpiece of expository prose: its explanations were so ) expostulation protest; remonstrance (Eg: Despite the teacher's scoldings and expostulations, the class remained unruly. ) supplant replace; usurp (Eg: Corazon Aquino supplanted Ferdinand Marcos as president of the Philippines. How do Romeo and. ) upbraid scold; reproach (Eg: I must upbraid him for his unruly behavior. ) malevolent wishing evil (Eg: We must thwart his malevolent schemes. ) debonair friendly; aiming to please (Eg: The debonair youth was liked by all who met him, because of his cheerful and obliging manner. ) mollycoddle pamper; indulge excessively (Eg: Don't mollycoddle the boy, Maud! ) tenacious holding fast (Eg: I had to struggle to break his tenacious hold on my arm. ) altercation noisy quarrel (Eg: Throughout the altercation, not one sensible word was uttered. ) sedate composed; grave (Eg: The parents were worried because they felt their son was too quiet and sedate.

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