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father first meets Kaguya in Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, he trolls her into revealing her feelings for his son by pretending to insult him and claiming he'll retract his statement if she can point out what makes him so wonderful. Sock Puppet when the pretense uses a second Internet identity. As the droid falls, the actual K-2SO walks around a corner, asking if she knew that wasn't him.

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Unity: Plus I'm an omnivorous construct zombie. Check the fridge again still fiddling with that microwave, EH, darling?

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Until finally, Blackwing drops the belt. When they hail him on the radio to thank him, Sheppard doesn't tell his alternate who they are, but says, "You're obviously a man of great integrity, a dedicated commander, and a skilled pilot." Meanwhile, the other characters roll their eyes. Lucille: You smell like a pinecone. One Fruity Pebbles commercial from 1995 has Fred eating his Pebbles at a haunted house when Barney comes in pulling off a Bedsheet Ghost act. "Well doc, it's worse than either of us thought. NOW THE BIG bomb IS going TO blow YOU TO smithereens! The name you enter isn't actually the name of the player character, but the original "Fallen Child" who was adopted by Toriel and Asgore. A 1984 Smokey Bear PSA features a narrator describing man's discovery of fire while two rugged men light warm themselves around a fire and light a torch. I shouldn't have to explain why Mar might feel somewhat star-struck with the idea of Law present. This yellow button fires a projectile at Mettaton, which the protagonist can use in succession. And a little bunny-looking thing hops on top of the dead monster. The scene turns out to just be a training simulation.