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understanding Top Hats built-in assessment activities enable professors to effectively gauge understanding or misconceptions, even before class starts. Interview and Writing Sample, the personal interview and time for completing the writing sample will be scheduled by the Joint DNP Admissions Committee. Lorna Profant, lecturer, Biology, ohio, university, top Hat provides faculty with a unique and affordable opportunity to enhance the classroom experience. There what is the purpose of college entry essays are different levels of admission depending upon prior credentials of applicants and whether or not they hold a BSN, MSN, or a BSN and a masters in another discipline. Get real-time feedback on student progressso you can course-correct on the fly.

Watch a product webinar Lift student success rates Active learning helps students thrive, regardless of discipline Whether youre a professor, department head, or institutional leader, Top Hat can help you achieve your goals. Let Top Hat handle the busywork so you can focus on the activities that deserve your time and attention. Spark discussions, integrate videos and graphics, even customize full interactive textbooks to suit the needs of your course, all within an easy-to-use interface.

For example: Certified FNP for FNP concentration, Certified whnp in the whnp concentration, etc.; or, masters in Nursing in a specialty different than the intended concentrations (whnp, PNP, acnp, pmhnp, FNP, Executive Leadership) will require a longer program of study adapted to the previous Masters. It really does engage students. I love how simple it is to take attendance and extract that data later. Duane Nellis, president, indiana, university, top Hat is easy to use, very intuitive and its quick to set. Additional requirements for admission to the DNP program include: BSN-DNP applicants: A bachelors degree in nursing is required; For international applicants, a bachelors degree in nursing or equivalency (for BSN to DNP applicants or a non-nursing masters degree or equivalency (for MSN to DNP applicants). Schedule me in No, call me anytime Save time on course prep Course delivery tools that are simple to use and powerful in practice From automating attendance to auto-grading tests and assignments, Top Hat holds your students accountable and helps them master course content.

Application Form, the completed application form and fee, official transcripts of all previous undergraduate and graduate work, essay, documentation of nursing licensure in the United States, MSN certification (where applicable letters of recommendation and resume or vita must be submitted to the etsu School. Would you like to schedule your preferred date and time now? Book a Demo Thank you! International students must also forward the additionally required documentation to the appropriate school. Get industry-leading instructional design services and technical support from Top Hat along the way, and help increase students return on their educational investment.

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