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centuries later when the Sheriff Court Records of Aberdeen begin, such names have entirely disappeared from Buchan and seem confined practically to the uplands of the Dee and Don, where, for example, we find John and Donald Makincalour combining with John Forbes " fear. The differences are mainly, though not altogether phonetic, and a comparative study of the history of their sounds would make it tolerably clear how the differences arose. But it was neither Saxon nor Fleming merchants, nor Norman chieftains that converted the districts remote from the seaboard towns to the English speech. Our documents are therefore more of a business nature ; the records of the Courts and Councils of Aberdeen, Elgin, and Banff, and the contents cf charter chests, so far as these records are not in Latin but in the vernacular. But some race in anthropology essay introduction nations speak rough, and their words are confounded with a multitude of hard consonants, which makes the numbers unharmoniou. It is four hundred years later before we reach any Frisian records. It is unnecessary to consider here the literary prose already mentioned, of John Bellenden, because, though archdeacon of Moray, he probably came from the south of Scotland, and because his translations, being made for the benefit of King James., would no doubt in any.

I" from a note of essay on autobiography of a seed Dr Joseph Robertson's in his Collections for a History of Aberdeen and Banff (Spalding Club, 1843). Almost a hundred years later, the Emperor Claudius set about annexing Britain in all earnest to the Roman Empire. " Fat ha' they deen? My thoughts in my native dialect, was not only inclination, but the desire of my best and wisest friends ; and most reasonable, since good imagery, just similies, and all manner of ingenious thoughts, in a well-laid design, disposed into numbers, is en good poetry. The district from Tweed to Forth also we have seen was English, both racially and linguistically.

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