essay on defense of abortion

the mother and therefore both are guaranteed an equal right to life. The contradiction is this. They believe that any form of human life that is also a person, and thereby has civil rights, includes the right to life. The third party is able to intervene but chooses not to on ethical grounds. Thomson wisely chooses to use them only as examples of specific situations, rather than making them apply in a general sense.

If we assume with Thomson that the unborn child is as much a person as you or I, would "withholding treatment" from this child and its subsequent death be justified on the basis that the homeowner was only "withholding treatment" of a child he did. The third point made through the use of the analogy of the violinist concerns whether or not killing the violinist would be unjust or not. The violinist edit, in "A Defense of Abortion Thomson grants for the sake of argument that the fetus has a right to life, but defends the permissibility of abortion by appeal to a thought experiment : You wake up in the morning and find yourself. People have different opinions about the stage at which human life becomes a human person. Warren 1973; Steinbock 1992.g. But this proposed government intervention was not to prevent people from killing their unborn children, an intervention that is considered bad, evil, anti-choice, and intrusive.

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