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of them are very old. There are three types of holidays in different countries: state or public holidays, religious holidays and family holidays. Easter is a festival that occurs on the first Sunday after the full moon in spring. They must also throw the pancake up and catch it on the pan. May Day celebrations have their origins in the Roman festival of Flora, goddess of flowers, which marked the beginning of summer.

Therefore, society will be better if people combine while eliminate the restrictions. Along with these religious customs and traditions, most countries also posses customs and traditions practiced by even the average non-religious citizen. We will write a custom essay sample on Customs and Traditions of India specifically for you FOR only.38.9/page.

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The English always give people's weight in pounds and stones. In fact, to this day, the Parade of the Apple Cart, where apples are thrown into the crowds on the Main Street, is part of the fair. In the end of the year, there is the most famous New Year celebration. Holidays of the United Kingdom of Great Britain is the holidays of British people connected with widespread national traditions of their carrying out. They greet the new year with champagne and listen to the Kremlin chimes beating 12 oclock. Band 9 essay sample: Should students participate in international student exchange programs?

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