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second debate, realism was challenged internally. An inquirer has to aim to place him above the historical circumstances in which a theory is propounded. For Fierke (2002) and Hopf (1998 the study of language or discourse is essential for understanding how social relations and interaction within IR is constituted. The strength of problem-solving theory relies in its ability to fix limits or parameters to a problem area, and to reduce the statement of a particular problem to a limited number of variables which are amenable to rather close and clear examination. Initially its involvement in Pan-Arabism where it sought to unite Arab countries together in the mid twentieth century, its alliance with the Soviet Union as well as its opposition to Israel put it in direct opposition to the Western world. Since its freedom from British rule in 1922, it has consolidated its position as a leading force amongst the Arab nations. 4.2 Rationalist approaches towards the fall of the Mubarak regime:.2.1 Internal political policy of the Mubarak regime: Both neorealist and neoliberal IR theory would hypothetically struggle to explain or account for the internal political policies of Mubaraks regime and how these policies eventually encouraged.

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The origins of the third debate within IR theory between rationalism and reflectivism began with two initial great debates.

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Rosenblum 11/25/14, global Studies : Industrial Revolution, the Industrial revolution was a time when people changed from using old technology to new technology. For much of his tenure as president, Mubarak used state of emergency laws to enforce his rule as he saw fit. These laws were often used to arrest an absurd reason absurdity and suicide essay and charge opposition leaders and other individuals perceived as a threat to state control. This type of political system was a typical feature of many post-colonial Arab states including Iraq until the deposition of Saddam Hussein and Syria. Also like radical constructivists, many post-modernist IR theorists do not attempt to bridge the gap between theory and practice as they often become entangled in meta-theory. Rationalists believe that research in IR requires a detached, objective and strictly observational standpoint towards their chosen subjects of study. Like many authoritarian Arab regimes, wealth in Egypt was concentrated in the hands of the political elites. Viewed externally prior to the 2011 revolution, Egypt seemed to be a strong and stable regional power that possessed an overall benign foreign policy. Finally, he argues for an empirical-historical methodology that accommodates and explains change more effectively than neorealists historical positivism. In 1986, crises hit both the oil and tourism industries causing a slump in economic development (Jabber, 1986).