my elephant essay

and a small tail. So, it can be said that elephant is a social animal. To carry the heavy loads from one place to another place. It obeys his orders to death. His color is grey and structure looks funny. There are three sub-species found in India: Elephas Maximus Indicus: The species which is found in the India, China and Vietnam is known as Elephas Maximus Indicus. When it is tamed, it proves a harmless animal.

It is called a royal animal. A baby elephant takes almost a year or more to learn the use of trunk. It is a mammal which gives birth to a baby elephant and feed her milk. In other countries, it is found in white color also. This is done by beating of drums or making strange noises. It has two big ears, a head, a mouth, two ivory tusks, a long trunk and a short tail. Its ears are very big as a fan. Now-a-days, essays and paragraphs writing are more common strategy followed by the teachers in the schools and colleges in order to enhance students skill and knowledge about any subject.

It is a social animal which no harmfulness to the human beings. People keep him in their houses with various purposes such as transporting, racing, fighting, worshipping, etc. Angry elephant crushed everything which comes in its way. Elephants like to live in groups of hundreds (lead by a big male elephant) in the jungle.

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