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to attend additional ETD workshops? Once the committee member has returned the signed copy to the student, the Major Professor must provide an original signature for verification followed by the Associate Dean or Program Director (CAS and BCS only). We are inundated with ETDs submitted and meeting outside of those scheduled times is nearly impossible. What are the other submission requirements in addition to the ETD for a doctoral student? Students who are unable to attend a 1-on-1 Help Session but have specific questions or issues with formatting can email the word document to for assistance. Most of these requirements are based on the guidelines required by ProQuest for archiving the ETD. March 22 deadline Submit Thesis for Review 1: Complete ETD Registration (if not completed by 5:00pm on the deadline, you may not be included in the Commencement program) 2: Submit final Committee-Approved Thesis in PDF to ProQuest 3: Submit the Certificate of Approval Packet.

Fellowships Awarded by the Office of Graduate Studies. Strong leadership capacity; Outstanding academic achievement; Demonstrated Financial Need. Registration Register for at leas t 2 credit hours of dissertation (7980) in the semester of ETD submission/graduation.

After approval, the student will receive a final approval email. The submission requirements for doctoral students are detailed on the Doctoral ETD Process Checklist page. Can I use a USF Computer Lab to convert my document to PDF? After submitting to ProQuest, the student will receive a confirmation email. Theses and Dissertations submitted for these awards should represent those that are considered to be in the top 2 of their specific discipline.