thesis statement on ignorance

theory, JJ Thompson theory, Rutherford Alpha ray scattering experiment, Planks quantum theory, Bohrs theory to Sommerfield and de Broglies theory, its been an improving theory at every stage which tells us that every. One of that is, which every common man can understand and the other lies in an invisible path. No one has time anymore for anyone else.

1302 Words 6 Pages, knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives James Madison Everyone has ignorance and it will always be present. She describes him as an understanding individual when she says You look at meYou looked at the moon.

Montag truley hates this. For example: Jonas Salk, the scientist who conquered Polio was worried because in 1916, there were 9000 people suffered from polio (polio attack people muscle, making and walking difficult). This doesnt stop Montag though. "I talk the meaning of things. And I think this is how all the great scientists had ended up in their research or inventions, some worked out well and some did not.