essay on my favourite subject history

at the time how you could learn so much about something which seemed to be so simple. Mathematics is the subject I least enjoy. My core subjects at school are physic and mathematic. I am in the ninth grade now. I am not very good at Mathematics and Physics but I like to study humanities: History and foreign languages. My favorite school subject is math. I enjoy other school subject also. I am sure that it is really vital to be professional in some sphere.

You can see these things in life, it all seemed relevant. Solving all those mathematical problems didnt seem connected to real life. Even now, I think I still look at things and think about whats beneath the surface, whats behind the visible parts, the parts we cant see or never think about. When I was at school my favorite class was Geography. At the lessons people learn to add, divide, multiply and subtract. This is where my love how long is ma thesis introduciton and passion for history bloomed.