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and acceptance. Tolstoy beliefs that there are two kinds of lives: the artificial life which is represented by Ivan, Praskovya, Peter, and nearly everyone in Ivans society and company; and the authentic life represented by Gerasim. And it is easier to grasp only what is tangible and to attain what is material (Verno, 2009). The novel is a fictional answer to the questions that afflicted Tolstoy during the middle of 1870s. One chooses may neglect the spiritual, moral and emotional aspects of one's life because the things that one cannot explain, one leaves upon the shelf for another day. With this acknowledgement, he wishes to live as he once did- well and pleasantly but his memories of what is well and pleasant have also changed. Ivan supposes that his existence is the right one, and he rejects to see the mistake of his life. Alternatively, the authentic life is characterized by pity, promotes reciprocally affirming of human relationships and compassion. He had special food to eat as ordered by the doctors.

The _Death of Ivan Ilyich_ shows the progression of a man as he passes through the stages of death. Ivan Ilyichs family must also traverse his death although they do not react in the same ways. The pain continued and did not go away no matter how much he denied. He eventually finds in the final moments of his life that his family really is there in the room with him and that they love him and have compassion for him as he leaves his world. Thus, at the early stages of the story, Tolstoy depicts Ivan's world as a shallow, materialistic, and self-centered one, which may lead one to the conclusion that the people around him contributed largely to his 'demise' as a human (Kamm, 2003).

_The Death of Ivan Ilyich_ is a complicated novella with many different themes which could be reviewed. After a few months and a few more specialists of that era, Ivan Ilyich had not improved Doctors of this era tried their best without much medical education camping trip story essay to be helpful or beneficent to their patients but they were lacking in both education and. Ivan Ilyich had one staff member, a pantry boy, who had compassion for his dying master. As he holds on to the belief; he experiences agonizing pain, total terror and irresistible unhappiness. Yet, Ivan soon admits to himself that it this materialism that he lived for was the very thing that killed him,.e., his fall while hanging his drapes in his newly decorated home. Gerasim acknowledged Ivan Ilyichs plight by saying we all have to die sometime, so why shouldnt I help you? Doctors did not have the knowledge they have today and they also felt that it was their job to make the decisions and not be questioned by their patients. He focused on it the pain now with a new sense of distress.