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they would be of no use to him. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography : James Hunt. His sister Katharine wrote that when he came to visit the family he would often sleep for the first day or two. A b c d From. John's 1 in accordance with his wishes as he was an expert on funeral rites and his cremated remains were interred in Parish of the Ascension Burial Ground in a grave with a large stone cross. Following the direction of his passion for the workings of the mind as it correlates with the workings of the body, in 1891 Rivers became house physician at the National Hospital for the Paralysed and Epileptic. 1 While an undergraduate at Cambridge, Thomas Hunt had a friend who stammered badly and his efforts to aid the afflicted student led him to leave the University without taking a degree in order to make a thorough study of speech and its defects.

The year before this he had been elected cover page to a research paper apa as a member of the school debating society, no mean feat for a boy who at this time suffered from a speech impediment which was almost paralytic. 27 In these fields, Rivers was rapidly becoming eminent. And yet all the time he made you feel that your life was your own to guide, and above everything that you could if you cared make something important out. Carroll was the first adult Rivers met who stammered as badly as he did and yet he cruelly rejected him, preferring to lavish attention on his pretty young sisters. The Eagle : 214. The Tonbridgian :. It is difficult to believe that such a man as he could be extinguished. 22 Among two or three friends, however, the picture of Rivers is quite different. 14 Indeed, not only was that specific memory rendered inaccessible but his sensory memory in general appears to have been severely handicapped from that moment.

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