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The second use of a gas turbine in an armored fighting vehicle was in 1954 when a unit, PU2979, specifically developed for tanks. "HA technology now available at industry-first 64 percent efficiency" (Press release). In the indirect system, a heat exchanger is used and only clean air with no combustion products travels through the power turbine. The first successful use of his engine occurred in England in April 1937.

An improperly fitted filter, or a bullet or shell fragment that punctures the filter, can damage the engine. Several small companies now manufacture small turbines and parts for the amateur. "The Rise Of Distributed Power" (PDF). The Turunmaa s were paid off in 2002. "Turbine Drives Retired Racing Car".

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Most turbojet-powered model aircraft are now using these commercial and semi-commercial microturbines, rather than a Schreckling-like home-build. 49 The original General Motors Firebird was a series of concept cars developed for the 1953, 19 Motorama auto shows, powered by gas turbines. The History of North American Small Gas Turbine Aircraft Engines. 77 Compliant foil bearings were commercially introduced to gas turbines in the 1990s. After an article appeared in Popular Science, there was no further work, beyond the paper stage.