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class then the women is most likely. This figure highlights that majority of employers value the role and exist of the male workers which are indicated in the salary that they take home each month, where as women are paid less regardless of the time and energy that they put in the. The percentage of the total.S. Men and women have the same needs for food, clothing, shelter, affection, belonging and. This suggests that working class women are vulnerable in the workplace as they have no choice but to expect the conditions of work as the value of the money they are getting is too valuable to give up although they are being exploited. However, it is also dependent on the type of employment that men are women are involved in which effects the inequalities that arise in the workplace. Conclusion/Solution Inequality has kept in place because of beliefs and practices that have been drilled into peoples minds for so long. The company policy of Equal treatment for everyone states to encourage a working environment free from any kind of discrimination, victimization and harassment; making sure that everybody receives equal treatment in every aspect of employment policies and practices irrespective of their gender, age, marital status. Gender inequality has detrimental effects on society, the economy and human development. Women should, not only be treated as equal in the work place, but also in everything else as well. From values and social justice point of view, empowerment of women and providing them with equal rights and opportunities for fulfillment of their capabilities has been due for a long time.

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Where as sex is refereed to the biology of a individual in other terms the sex that an individual is born for example a male or female. Such attributes identical to women have been used to deny the female gender authority, managerial or supervisory positions. Or otherwise single heads of households. Moreover, the dire need to provide for their children places them at the disadvantaged end of the employers who utilize the cheap labor to maximize their profits. Next Essays Related to Gender Inequality In The Workplace.

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The World Economic Forum introduced Global Gender Gap Index in the year 2006 which is framework to capture the magnitude and scope.
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