short essay on importance of punctuality

healthcare essay papers, adolescent cognitive development essay. This will create a time-cushion. The story of an hour character essay. It becomes a part and parcel of one's nature. Students must reach the schools and colleges on time. .

Punctuality means doing a thing at the previously designated or appointed time.
A punctual person inspires other people to be on time.
In spite of all their engagements, people try to be punctual every time and everywhere.
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How to be punctual?

Usf etd proquest dissertations english essay helping someone? The need for punctuality in everyday life: Punctuality plays an important role in every walk of life. Make a list of important tasks and appointments, schedule them, and set a reminder for each of them. Meaning and definition: Punctuality means the exactness in keeping timer and appointments. Otherwise, he loses the faith of his customers; and that discredit amounts to loss of his goodwill in the market.