essay on non infectious diseases

the burden through 2030. Bloom ( ) (Harvard School of Public Health) * Elizabeth Cafiero ( ) (Harvard School of Public Health) * Eva Jané-Llopis ( ) (University of Nijmegen) * Shafika Abrahams-Gessel ( ) (Harvard University) * Lakshmi Reddy Bloom ( ) (Data for Decisions LLC) * Sana. Acquired diseases which are caused by pathogens from infected persons to healthy one are infectious diseases. Tiny organisms such as bacteria and fungi can produce infectious diseases. Symptoms and Effects: The common symptoms of obesity include: * Rapid weight gain * When ones body mass index (BMI a measurement obtained by dividing a person's weight in kilograms by the square of the person's height in metres, exceeds 30 kg/m2. Congenital diseases are inborn diseases present from the birth which are generally inheritable. Also included are disturbances of the stomach and intestine, the endocrine system, and the urinary and reproductive systems. Not surprisingly, the poorest and most vulnerable are the most severely affected by infectious disease. Every disease also displays a cycle of onset, or beginning, course, or time span of affliction, and end, when it disappears or it partially disables or kills its victim. More than one million deaths occur each year. Indigestion and urinary incontinence. Colour blindness, thalassemia etc.

essay on non infectious diseases

Essay on non infectious diseases
essay on non infectious diseases

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Non-communicable diseases (Non-infectious) are caused by malfunctions of the body. In men, chest region becomes larger due to the accumulation of fat. These include malaria, pneumonia, diarrhea, measles, whooping cough, tetanus, and tuberculosis. Cancer * Depression * Social isolation * Low self-esteem, treatment: Obesity can be treated by dieting and regular physical exercises. For special cases of obesity, there are also surgical procedures such the gastric bypass surgeries which help patient lose weight by changing how the stomach and small intestine handle the). When it strikes a time you got in trouble essay the same region year after year it is an endemic disease. Org, advertisements: Hundreds of different diseases exist. The symptomatic carrier can then pass the disease on to someone else without even knowing he has.

In women, fat accumulates in breasts, waist, thighs and upper arms regions. These diseases occur due to gene or chromosomal mutations,.g. Dieting involved the reduced consumption of foods that are high in fat and sugar, and the increased intake of dietary fibre. If not treated, the symptoms mentioned above may lead to problems such as: * Cardiovascular diseases * Asthma * Joint pain.

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