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February 23, 2015. March 2, 1942: Lieutenant General John. Department of Justice Camps (in Texas, Idaho, North Dakota, New Mexico, and Montana ) held Japanese Americans, primarily non-citizens and their families. "Heart Mountain Documentary Film The Legacy of Heart Mountain". A group of thirty-six large landowners, on the other hand, approved the plan and sent a petition to the governor.

Department of the Interior. Roosevelt on February 19, 1942, authorized military commanders to designate "military areas" at their discretion, "from which any or all persons may be excluded". 2istorical novel Allegiance by Kermit Roosevelt takes readers inside the US government and Supreme Court to examine the legal and moral debates and the little-known facts surrounding the detention of Japanese Americans.

1, which gave the 227 Japanese American residents of Bainbridge Island, Washington six days to prepare for their "evacuation" directly to Manzanar. "Final Report; Japanese Evacuation from the West Coast 1942". The Columbia Guide to Asian American History. Former inmates were given 25 and a train ticket to their pre-war places of residence, but many had little or nothing to return to, having lost their homes and businesses. Prisons and Patriots: Japanese American Wartime Citizenship, Civil Disobedience, and Historical Memory.

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