For typical text documents, a resolution of dpi or dpi produces sufficientlylegible image data. Simultaneous use of two or more application softwareprograms. Printing text in blackText that is any color other than white is printed in black. Thefunction remains enabled until you disable it. The “Printer info” window will appear. NoteThe icon turns red when printing is notpossible due to a machine error or otherproblem.

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Faxes held inmemory are printed manually all at once. An F-code sub-addressand passcode for F-code confidential reception and aprint passcode to print out received faxes areprogrammed in each box. If you do not wish to have received faxes printed immediately, use the print hold function to hold received faxes inmemory for printing at your convenience all received faxes will be printed at once.


Sharp AR-M162 MultiFunction Printer-Scanner-Copier (Optional: Fax)

Click [Destination] in the menu frameof the Web page. Caution8If a different language appears,switch to English. Prinher the “Operation manual for general information and copier “. For troubleshootingfor the fax function, printer function, and scanner function, see the respective manuals for each function. Page 3 Part 1: The “Printer info” window will appear. If the first original is placed on the document glass, nosort mode will be automatically selected.


Configuring the machine as a shared printer enables computers that are not directly connected to the machine toprint to the machine.

Close the SPF or document cover. Normally the machine is set to make 2 recall attemptsat intervals of 3 minutes. By using one numberfor voice calls and another number for faxes, you cantell which type of call you are receiving by the ringingpattern.

If multiple telephone numbers have been assigned toyour telephone line, the number called can beidentified by its ringing pattern. Otherwise, enter the machine’s IPaddress.

Make sure that youunderstand the contents of the licenseagreement and then click the [Yes]button. Before installing this pr oduct, be sure to read the. To exit, press the [BACK] key in step 5.

Normally “2” is selected. Notethat the Windows network environment must already be established.

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For details on the scan settings, click the [Help] button in thepreview screen to display Help. Usually ships within 2 to 3 days.


Check the contents and then click the[Next] button. The order of the pages can be changed in the “Order” menu.

If you are ready to end printef session, click[Nothing. This is called automatic reception. Consult your network administratorfor the correct IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway to be entered.

Select [LPT1] for the printer port. A Wipe with a clean, soft cloth. Normally this setting isenabled. The record includes the date of the transaction, the other party’s name, the duration, and result.

Sharp AR-M : Printer/Fax/Scanner/Copier AR-M, AR-M Operation Manual

The characters entered by each key andkey functions are as follows. If necessary, moisten the cloth with water or a small amount of neutral detergent.

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