Currently I am running beta drivers from EMU and I never had any bad sound problem at all look problems above must have been within RC testing-period because of the posting-dates But i will downgrade to 2. I’m waiting for the new release of the driver though. Monday, January 11, 7: I haven’t found a trigger for this. If the version numbers below are higher then what you see in the About Box you should proceed with the update. Right now it looks like I have everything set up and installed correctly. What ever I save a project in as far as samples, That is how Patch mix will open.

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Saturday, August 15, 4: Upon rebooting, everything went fine and I can tell from my patchmix that it is set to 48k. Monday, January 26, 1: Despite this, the Digital Audio System audio drivers have been rigorously tested using the same test procedures that a WHQL qualified driver requires, and it passes in all of the other important categories, including those that measure the relative stability of the driver.


Still problems here with the new Beta driver. I hear the sound of my front door closing and me driving to the store right now EMU! It’s not looking hopeful. Same E-MU card.

I got a E-mu PCI soundcard aside from the built-in reltek. I have emailed EMU, the details and reply are below. But it is very easy to switch back. Here is what I found: Wkndows you have experienced a fault in any audio applications, you should reboot Windows before applying this update.

I found no online site to buy although they do have a US distributor. I am having a problem also. You can download and install our Windows Vista drivers from our website.

Hi, I’m having the same problem with the EMU PCI, with the sound swapping between being fine and then distorted like its being played at a very low bit rate in Windows 7. Changes in this Release: However, once there was even more serious problem – sound card driver got me a blue screen. What a crappy reply to a support ticket. Wednesday, January 26, 6: Every 1 or 2 days i get a distorted sound coming out of the sound card for a while.

Thank you so much richarddurand!

Last edited by sikejsudjek; at Copyright – Creative Technology Ltd. Switching to 48 fixed it. Ironically, any time I’m creating a track, I do not get distortion in my apps Reaper, Fruity Loopsalthough, FL does like to take a dump on me randomly. EMU Graphics Card: Nor is it the place where we discuss or disclose upcoming product development or non released features and functions.


This package contains a full installer. It took EMU a long time to come around with Vista drivers.

Win 7 64 bit drivers for EMU 0404

If you have experienced a fault in any audio application, you should reboot Windows before applying this update Exit all applications before installing these updates. For example I use Cake Walk Sonar 8.

It took emu months after Vista to sort out Drivers. We are sorry to inform you that we have no information or support for Windows 7 and E-MU windoas at this time. Originally Posted by Smurf.