I use it mainly with Cubase SX3 , really no problem, it works perfectly! So this is a value for money unbeatable. I have logged thousands of hours in studios hyper smoking, she took flight, it is placed on top I think all beer brands that may exist, and never a single crash or anything. I saw my friends with super pretty expensive cards, motus, etc So I needed a card that does not have large latency and whose converters are quality. Not at all disappointed! Imprint Terms of Use Privacy Policy.

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Significant changes were provided to the internal core. Write a user review. I used to catch mobile RME gave era plus a cable to connect the card to a cigarette lighter and connect it to another on a 12v battery, class Not at all disappointed!

The rear of the Multiface II shows unrivalled connectivity: When working with several digital sources it is not only necessary to know if these are properly locked, but also if they are totally synchronized.

The quality of converters is not a legend. And I increase it for mixing. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance hzmmerfall experience and deliver our services.


RME Hammerfall DSP Multiface II with PCIe card (California) – Audiofanzine

RME’s exclusive SyncCheck checks all input signals and displays their actual state, and thanks to our new Intelligent Clock Control concept you have all clocks and states under multicace – with ease.

I’m running 80 tracks easily with plugins and external routing.

I work as midi with virtual instruments that audio recording. The product is super stable, with whom I had no crash. I didn’t read the user’s manual.

Imprint Terms of Use Privacy Policy. These interfaces are sold separately. Fireface TCO Out of production! But maybe it just happens to my windows that is not stable?

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Digiface Out of production! The converters are of very high end, nothing to do with Avid Just click on the hammer symbol in the systray of the taskbar and the settings dialog of the Multiface comes up.

It is connected to my 03D and works perfectly RME makes constant updates. The drivers are not updated because the card is old over the catalog Multifzce am not limited divisible by reading the number of tracks.

The quality of audio converters is hammwrfall and latency steering VSYi is nonexistent I remake that choice without hesitate in an optical sound creation semi pro.


Babyface Out of production! She may be out of date compared to current cards, but I am very satisfied to use my home semi pro studio film music. For a long time now mulyiface I have, and I do not feel the need to change.

Based on my experience, I would buy it again. All this can be used on laptops as well as on desktop computers with lowest latency and minimal CPU load. The headphone output in hi-power technology offers high levels, even with low level headphones. I recorded hammeerfall album up 14 tracks simultaneously!

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To install it, no. I 3ms latency drops to record and then I go back.

No conflict on the horizon, as if it was made for me! The small box using half the space of a 19″ rack includes outstanding power and extensive features.