I did not put the software update. Did you find this review helpful? I may send in my AF12, but even Marcel said it will be very hard to figure out unless it’s constant. No preamp, and for the price, I prefer. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.

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I think I’ve just about talked myself in to buying one of these! Tue Oct 30, 8: I had a separate issue just yesterday with the RMBP, but it was a cosmetic thing, so it’ll be a while at the very least before I have another one in hand. No preamp, audoofire for the price, I prefer.

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It is truly an on the go type of interface. Retina MBP are you using the af12 on the retina mbp? Sat Jan 23, 1: On the other hand, sound cards and firewire pci Echo are supported under Linux in general and Ubuntu in particular so on.

Wed Oct 31, 5: I was running in I’m very interested in buying an AudioFire 2 soundcard, but I can’t find any mention of availability of drivers suitable for Intel Mac’s Are these available? Recording In is the issue.


Cumbersome and not the top. What struck me most in this case is ma compact appearance, and reputation of the mark Connected by FireWire, PC Core i7 seven 32bit Sonar 8, need not alime powered by the firewire port and Me I have 0 problem heating I have a similar setup although I run 2 AF12’s as an aggregate device.

Your name or email address: But if you ever plan on using an external mixer, you’re gonna need something with more line auddiofire outputs.

Not an option for laptop users I know, but for those of us with desktops it certainly can’t hurt. The configuration is very simple, a single control panel. I have re-installed Ableton Live. My AF12s worked fine as a daisy chain on Windows. Failed to operate the monitoring of Traktor to send a single track on the headphones Audiofire 2, FireWire audio interface from Echo in the Audiofire series. Not a long term solution I know but certainly a good way to try and isolate the cause of the problem.

Write a user review Ask for a user review. Sort by most recent most useful. Utter hearsay, but I was told by someone at some point that in general the buffer size likes base 2 numbers e. Perfect for monitoring via software, or to use a pad noon. Just a suggestion but you could try and use a bluetooth mouse and go usb 2. I tried setting the clock to the mac, setting each AF12 as master I have them tied to each other via BNC and the second one is set to external clock.

  MSK MS4200 P5K55-115 DRIVER

Let me state in all modesty that I am computer technician, a former vendor of such products Any have any more suggestions for a plan of how to troubleshoot?

Echo AudioFire 2: post your experiences here | NI Community Forum

Latency is samples, regardless of a mix of more than 20 tracks. I’m looking at the AudioFire 2 at the moment as well. Is it possible my AF12 is auduofire I admit I ‘ve ever opened a textbook in my life, it is beautiful on CDrom The pre-amp headphones is also very good, it has its own flag in the output routing if desired.