He was traveling without a security detail? Shooting is a decision. She starts bringing me things to drink as a celebration. You could take those guys to a rifle range or a highly supervised live fire exercise and they can operate with something like their normal level of skill. She starts bringing me things to drink as a celebration. Duck confit and getting blasted all by himself.

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Of course you get it.

Lack of sleep makes you stupid. What did the Governor drink and when did he drink it? President, I know that.

Herald Exposé: What Did Deval Patrick Drink and When Did He Drink It?

Imagine the national conservative press if they got wind that President Obama unwinds by drinking chardonnay with pagrick duck confit alone while reading his iPad. If you’re a human and see this, please ignore it. I trust that George W. Even ordered a drink with a Boston connection.

I got drunk too!

I doubt Patrick got much sleep at all that night and, indeed, probably not very much the previous four days. Shooting is a decision. Thursday, June 6, at Patrick had been invited to give career advice at a marketing firm in Cambridge, and instead he decided to talk about this.


His job is to coordinate the response and, for a brief period, there was nothing more to do. Blinkered partisan, I salute you! I assume that was a rhetorical flourish.

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Is the Governor lying about imbibing chardonnay alone in the Berkshires while reading his iPad and eating duck confit in order to boost his … wait, actually what politician would invent that story? Talking about his activities the following Saturday, he told the audience, that he went out to the Berkshires, had a swim, went to a local restaurant and sat in a corner with an ebook on his iPad.

And all you bloggers follow right along… 0. Remember, the crisis that Friday actually started late Thursday night with the shooting of an MIT police officer that led to a police chase between the Tsarnaev brothers that ended in a shootout in Watertown. A well-rested person is an able person, while a person suffering from fatigue will gradually get more and more groggy and make poorer decisions. She starts bringing me things to drink as a celebration. About Doug Mataconis Doug holds a B.

Mass. Governor Deval Patrick got drunk after Boston bombing suspect was caught

Any idea if it works with bourbon rather than rye? If you’re a scraper, please click the link below: Some of them edible. Indeed, this being Boston I am going to hazard a guess that Patrick was not the only person in the Greater Dfval area engaging in a bit of celebration that weekend. Soldiers are bad enough at that when well rested. One of my favorite Presidents — Coolidge — used to take naps during the day. The Boston Herald had a—dare we say it— great story today about the way Gov.


Gold Star for Robot Boy says: Boston Was Shutdown Today.

And although drunnk modern Dems have shown that they will rally behind their leaders when attacked, regardless of party, the modern repubs have made it clear that unity is for suckers. She starts bringing me things to drink as a celebration.

He was traveling without a security detail?