Smart people, great products, easy to work with, great communicators — when you have that combination, those are the people we want to invest our time in and be partners with. SM — Silicon Motion 0: Check your device info: I believe the devicepath is rather generic, but if it doesn’t work, search for input. Hi there, I have installed slackware 8. They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own.

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Bug describes similar behavior on other models and a workaround, but this elogra;hics model is not working following those. Thanks for posting this info, without it I would have never gotten my touchscreen working properly on EL6. The good news is I got a beta driver from Elo and this now works very nicely including a proper calibration utility, and control panel for further options config.

Using gamma correction 1. Each describes the way multiple screens are organised. As you can see, I needed the swap Y axis enabled. This 26″ touchscreen input device part is handled via USB, and it seems not to be recognized properly, as such the elographics input driver doesn’t seem to know how to handle it properly.


Serial devices on the other hand require some manual configuration. If you are on system with systemd you’re best off setting up a systemd service file for inputattach see also this post. On modern systems, the udev properties should be assigned automatically [2].

Xorg evdev

E and E devices are supported. A shame since there are a lot of new laptops and monitors coming out on the market.

Having trouble installing a piece of hardware? As Fedora has been changing the underpinnings of this type of connection, it has toucscreen harder and harder for me to get my elographics and accutouch serial touchscreens working correctly with each release, as all of the required information does not appear to be in a single location until now.

If you require additional options, set up an xorg.

Elographics Touch Screen

I believe the devicepath is rather generic, but if it doesn’t work, search for input. In Linux Mint 11, this is not working.

This essentially means it’s not suitable for use in an LTS environment where possible updates will break it unless carefully applied. When now ServerLayout section is present, the first Screen section is used alone. Driver problems No core pointer. Thank you for posting all of this information in one place.

InElographics developed and patented five-wire resistive technology, the most popular touch screen technology in use today. Detected current MCLK value of Build better touch experiences. Again, thank you very much. SM — Silicon Motion 0: I just played with them until it worked. So you will need an fdi snippet to match the device up with the driver.


Driver “vga” The BusID line is used to specify which of possibly multiple devices this section is intended for. So far startx works OK, I have my screen up and my mouse works I now need to install and setup the elographics touchscreen.

About | Elo Touch Solutions

EloTouch L touchscreen input device possibly not properly recognized, XY elogrsphics inverted This may require packaging from Elo, or else. Our product portfolio includes a broad selection of interactive touchscreen displays from inches, all-in-one touchscreen computers, OEM touchscreens and touchscreen controllers and touchscreen monitors. Hey Fabian, try installing the evtouch driver, and see if that works better.

I don’t actually have such a device but the question pops up every couple of months. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. Org elograpgics driver [1].