However, its use is vital in many situations. One test that we ran on the open adapter logic was: The sample create multiple virtual network devices on top of a single lower adapter. The first useful function to be added to PassThru is a call to query the driver for a list of its current bindings. To accommodate this we add function DevOnUnbindAdapter that notifies the open handle logic about the unbind. Shame on you, Thomas!

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Networking driver samples

Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues. After debugging, these checks will improve the overall security of your driver by reducing vulnerability to malicious malformed data. Later versions of the DDK build environment are also suitable. The driver registers IRP-based functions that are eventually called to implement the kernel-mode end of the interface.

Extending the PassThru NDIS IM Driver – Part 2

There are two important things to notice about this function: In a bit of a turn-around, Intel has now committed to cloning the AMD bit instruction set in a new processor.

If you elect to develop a driver that can concurrently support both bit and bit user-mode applications then you may encounter situations in IOCTL handling where is is necessary to know whether the caller is a bit or a bit application.

However, its use is vital in many situations. Actually, we’ll address more then simply “opening an adapter handle” here. This situation must be dealt with carefully. Be sure to install the components related to building AMD Bit drivers.


There is no serialization of statistics counters. It is important to insure that the overall design of the IP Blocking design does not prevent the PassThru driver from being unloaded on demand. The driver’s DevIoControl dispatcher will call a function that will fill the user’s output buffer with an array of binding name strings.

You can reach him at antognini mindspring. It is certainly intended that you should be able to incorporate the ideas and code presented in this article into your own code. An application that demonstrates how to use INetCfg APIs to enumerate, install, uninstall, bind and unbind network components.

NDIS uses a lot of integer-size variables. Finally, FilterPacket does a binary search of that list and says to drop the packet if the packet is for Send and the destination IP address matches or if the packet is for Receive and the extehding IP address matches. Here are the two items to be associated: But note that at the beginning of miniport. Here is an example that is targeted to the “National Semiconductor Corp. To accommodate this we add function DevOnUnbindAdapter that notifies the open handle logic about the unbind.

Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with passthgu without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:. Use at your own risk. At this point it is worthwhile to crank up the NDIS Tester to insure that we haven’t screwed up to badly. In addition, there is the PassThru.


Additionally, it exposes callouts for injection, basic action, proxying, and stream inspection. This display is hardly human readable. One possible reason could be that a Win32 handle remains open; as long as the Win32 handle to a driver remains open, the driver can’t be unloaded. For example, if you are passing a structure to your driver, have your driver calculate the expected length of the structure using sizeof and compare it to the input buffer length.

You can reach him at wd As packets enter the FltFilterXYZ routines sanity checks are performed and then the IP header is accessed to fetch the packet source or destination address, as appropriate. Product feedback Sign in to give documentation feedback.

Click here to view Win32 code to open and close a handle on the PassThru passtthru. Hopefully the problem that must be dealt with is becoming clear. Microsoft provides bit versions of their debugging tools.