The wscons console driver is integrated with KMS. To enable the chipset one would follow these instructions: Guess time has come to test also i with my i5 But that ship seems to have sailed. Wayland is the replacement doing one thing, and doing it well. By joining our community you will have the ability to post topics, receive our newsletter, use the advanced search, subscribe to threads and access many other special features. Users are scared of graphics updates, as are the developers.

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I don’t rely on killall to bring down my services, and I find it trivial to do daemonization and privilege separation as a practical matter, even portably.

From my perspective, the benefit of systemd is almost entirely on the desktop.

We can quibble about what necessary nouevau, but clearly the BSD folks perceive many projects relying, directly or indirectly, on Linux-specific kernel features in a way that leaves them out in the cold.

There are plenty of nouvdau that make the various BSDs attractive. Posted Oct 17, 0: The differences in the driver support for FreeBSD releases has led to problems in the ports tree. Are you sure that script is broken? Some people don’t understand that it isn’t up for discussion.



The Linux graphics developers are much more productive and prolific than their counterparts in BSD land. New X server and Mesa versions require certain i and Radeon driver versions, but the ports tree is not set up to handle those kinds of dependencies.

See pkg-message in xfvideo-nouveau for details. Also, these aren’t my fears. Solaris, OpenIndiana and Nexenta implement the driver in the graphical i staller, so they install and load the right Nvidia binary for you.

Linux KPI-Based DRM Modules Now Working On FreeBSD 11 – Phoronix

Very much not the UNIX way of doing one thing and doing it well. NVidia isn’t even an option, as they don’t perform that much better if at all, while they do not publish any such docs. Can’t install nouveau driver. Find More Posts by ReaperX7. Both are worked on by amd employees and jouveau, using hardware documentation amd published.

This port expired on: X gruft and de-author pkg-descr. In freebed ideal world, the community would get together and hash out a more limited interface which minimizes the amount of work being done in the kernel. BSD and Hurd have both been compelled ti grown linux API compatibility layers to cover “just enough” linuxisms in the past to get important end-user applications working to stay relevant.


But I definitely think that Linux developers fetishize the kernel more than most. User Login Create account. That said, I didn’t mean to say that Red Hat as a corporation is entirely opposed to portability across the board.

RadeonSI is faster in most games these days. From my experience I can tell you that: The latter seems to be a common concern among the three presenters.

Posted Oct 23, Posted Oct 23, 2: Others disagree with that.

From Nvidia site http: But there is a downside to nouuveau That might result in removing some of the features that cgroups currently now provides. I’m not trying to bash systemd or Red Hat. Just like the BSDs.