RR-CirKits staff will be spending the week with family. Even smaller package size. Before you send any units for repair, please take a few minutes to review our Support Options. See also the site status page. If a defect or accidental damage occurs, return the unit directly to Digitrax for service. This includes speakers, wire, cables, battery covers, etc.

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This has several implicaitons: When the command station gives this response, the switch command is not placed into the buffer and is forgotten.

Available with signal connections using miniature screw terminals -S or 10 pin headers. See also the site status page. At this time, Digitrax “expanded” slots are not directly supported. While JMRI cannot provide mechanisms to configure these devices, for their block detection and transponding features, their behavior is similar to the BDL16x device.

Hardware Support: Connecting a LocoBuffer-USB to LocoNetĀ®

Often, these “decoder” definitions have some limitations on which features can be configured, and, where appropriate, limitations on the supported locojet of “board id” values. These mechanisms are controlled by the “Turnout Command Handling” option for each LocoNet-based connection.

These primarily allow configuration of LocoNet device functionality, but also include some tools for status monitoring. Some LocoNet devices can be programmed either to resend the switch command if the rejection message is seen, or to locoent resend if the rejection message is seen.


For more information on how to find those addresses, see this page. Other users who do not have any hardware which are controlled by DCC stationary decoder messages on the DCC track signal or on the LocoNet cable’s RailSync wires may decide to prevent the command station from forwarding any LocoNet switch control messages to the DCC track signal and RailSync wires by enabling the command station’s “Bushby bit”.

More robust output design, reduced sensitivity to wiring errors. This wide variety of behaviors can cause inconsistent or unreliable behavior of any device which relies on stationary decoder messages on the DCC track signal.

Any changes made to device configuration using the historical tools will not be reflected in a roster entry for the device. When this occurs, the display will generallly be “corrected” within a few minutes.

PS-S universal switching power supply is included. Many LocoNet devices do not notice the rejection message, so do not attempt to re-send the switch command.

To connect your computer to the LocoNet, and hence to the command station, you need one of the following adapters:. Do NOT send a locomotive with your decoder.

Join The Digitrax User Group. Even smaller package size. Un-repairable items will be returned to you at no charge with no repairs made. A good example of this is a system with two PR3 connections, one in stand-alone programmer mode for programming decoder CVs, and the other for communication with a layout LocoNet and command station. This can result in a “storm” of repeated switch messages on LocoNet if track power is off when switch messages are sent.


Manufacturing and normal shipping will begin again locpnet January 2nd, Some users may be able to reduce the locinet of this problem occurring by allowing signal hardware to generate blinking signal aspects instead of loconer JMRI to sequentially send “on” and “off” messages to the signal hardware.

USB to LocoNet Interface with Decoder Programmer

Note that some command stations disable metering i. Most of our products locnet not user serviceable. All configuration is stored internally in the nodes, and may be changed at any time on any system.

Both reading and writing of description values is directly supported. The Monitor Slots tool is only able to display information for “standard” slots.

Support: Digitrax LocoNetĀ®

If a locomotive is sent to Digitrax, Digitrax will ship the entire package back, unrepaired. Thanks and congratulations to all who contributed! The Uhlenbrock Intellibox command stations can also be controlled directly through it’s serial port or USB connection; there’s a separate page on how to do this.