Only works with amsn or luvcview not ekiga or camorama or gqcam. There are one of two ways you should be able to test: Can you perhaps paste for us some links to these places where you were reading about the terminal window commands and stuff? FYI, not hal applications, like ‘camorama’, work. But hal does not detect this device as v4l capable. To subscribe or unsubscribe from the list, visit the mailing lists page. Since this driver does not compile on Ubuntu Hardy!!!

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Then reinstall the app. With a Quickcam Web and Karmic.

Find More Posts by j2goodwyn. The commands are not too complicated; take your time to read the instructions they give, and do the steps they show you, the commands, etc. Andy Whitcroft apw wrote on The webcam works out of the box but not the quuckcam control. I have also tried the versions between Skype 5. My apologizes for the mail noise. These installation instructions worked admirably.

Steve Conklin sconklin on Help us help you! You should hopefully see an image.


Linux Driver for Quickcam USB cameras

Post as a guest Name. These instructions explain how to compile the driver as a standalone module, which is the only option at this time because the driver has not yet been integrated into the mainline kernel. The latest thing I had found was a 0. Btw, I noticed that in freedesktop, the bug is reported with low logittech and here as undecided.

No video in Skype 8.11 on Ubuntu 14.04

The original work was done by Georg Acher and was known as qce-ga ; Jean-Frederic Clere took that driver and created the first Video4Linux V4L driver, enabling popular V4L applications such as Xawtv to display pictures from the webcam.

Well I also added some defines, because otherwise it wouldn’t build on a 2.

When I use lsusb in an Ubuntu terminal, the camera is shown. Built in microphone also worked over USB. The problem turns out to not be in HAL, but in the driver, forgetting to register the camera as v4l capable.

Maybe you found that page already? A few workable quixkcam would be appreciated. My operating system is Ubuntu I built the driver this way: Do make then make install. Only the first frame is captured and then it seems frozen, but those problems are out of the scope of this bug report. Just need a program like Camorama etc.


Your feedback is always welcome! I have the same question There are two versions of the driver in the intrepid kernel-package source, however only one of them is compiled. Results 1 to 4 of 4. My preferred program to use this with is wxCam. Since then, a group of developers around the world have evolved the driver into its current state, adding support for new cameras and chipsets as they have become available.

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