Chandler’s involvement in these cases. Logging potentially increases the availability of water in a watershed. An interesting read, but how does it apply to what is going on in Gualala, and the conifer forests of the temperate zone? Which is more important to you? Chandler’s Cal Fire tenure did not end well. This is based on what is seen in the Caspar Watershed, and corroborated from studies on other creeks in this area. University of Oregon has many resources for salmonid ecology.

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Chandler says she will be submitting a final briefing on GRT’s behalf by February 2nd.

That Old Maxxam Band Again – Anderson Valley Advertiser

Scouring winter floods have periodically rushed through the river canyons in the past century, naturally maxxma the lush forests and giving the groves an expansive, cathedral-like appearance reminiscent of other redwood parks such as Prairie Creek Redwoods.

But that does not take away from the realities that the ocean holds the key to salmon population levels. This is based on what is seen in the Caspar Watershed, and corroborated from studies on other creeks in this area. As a result of clear cutting, a formerly vibrant forest can look diminished and sparse.

The trees removed during a clear cut are part of the local ecosystem. Sorry, but riparian habitat loss, not the only factor but a major one for anadromous fishes, the prime issues being dams, siltation and seasonal flow, especially in tributaries. Ginevra Chandler, who is the former chief legal counsel of Cal Fire, and none other than Doug Bosco, one of the biggest influence peddlers in the North Bay and North Coast — a region he represented in Congress from What we have seen historically is, false narratives have a tendency to obtain a life of their own.


What right does GRT have to convert resources that benefit the entire community into profit? They reek of the same self-interest and dismissal of the concerns of ecologists and environmentalists as your denial of climate change in other comments you have posted.

There was a brief article in Scientific American, from the s, that I kept for a long time, but have probably thrown out; that discussed a limit to population levels of salmon in the Pacific. Chandler’s Cal Fire tenure did not end well.

How many redwoods have been logged? Many of the same people even continue to play the same roles. The attorneys representing Gualala Redwoods Timber was almost as big of a story as Judge Chouteau’s ruling: According to Chandler, she was following Cal Fire policy by attempting to prevent Maranto from supplying evidence housed at the agency’s office that could have been aiir in the case.

For the Gualala, siltation secondary to deforestation and hillside agriculture contribute, but too few vineyards to affect flow. To tell this tale fully, you also have to mention a man named Henry Alden, who, as GRT’s forestlands manager, designed all of GRT’s floodplain logging plans.

The maxxam proposed that those limits were being achieved and no more salmon could be added. While clear cutting is potentially economically beneficial for scumbag timber companies like Gualala Redwoods Timber, contractors and employees do not receive the same benefits. There are, however, plenty of scientific studies concerning the impacts of this kind of logging.

So this one, along with a multitude of of others, will iar for a while. The aesthetic value of forests has economic value, since beautiful forests can increase the property value of a given area and attract tourists.


Well then we can agree that our differing view points have nothing to do with aig on science, and everything to do with differing faiths, and beliefs. It is a also a timeless lesson to be learned, right here in Mendocino County. An interesting read, but how does it apply to what is going on in Gualala, and the conifer forests of the temperate zone? The Coastal Conservancy has been an important funding source for The Conservation Fund, a Virginia-based land trust, which has purchased several large forested macxam in the Gualala and Garcia river watersheds in recent years.

That Old Maxxam Band Again

Common ground should be the commons—our common heritage. The degradation of soil is one of the most maxxamm environmental issues facing society at present, and clear cutting only contributes to it. Soon after being voted out of office, he became a Maxxam lobbyist.

The private, nonprofit account was filled through lawsuit settlement proceeds. In addition to their mutual employment by Gualala Redwoods Timber currently, Bosco and Chandler share something else in common: Attorneys like Chandler and Bosco, and apologists for the timber industry like George Hollister, will resort to all of the tactics used by the maxxwm, tobacco, or GMO corporations and of the Christian Apologists to confuse and muddy the issue: They notched a temporary victory when Sonoma County Superior Court Judge Rene Chouteau issued a preliminary injunction maxxwm halts the logging project for now.

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